Children are amazing! Their imaginations are awe inspiring. They have so much creativity, so much Magic within them, so many curiosities and adventures and love for the unknown.

It’s sad that when you become an adult that gets pulled away from you. When you become a teenager you have to be cool.  You lose all of that creativity so you can be ‘like’ everyone else. You start getting judged or you are told that you should get your head out of the clouds.

Then when you become an adult you have to work and pay the bills. You get married and you raise a family. You are too busy to imagine magic.

But then, you get to raise your own children – who have that amazingly creative imagination. Do you find it odd that you don’t have that imagination anymore?

I guess it’s just the circle of life but all I know is I did the adult thing for a while, I had a dog, I got married, I pay bills, but now I’m writing again. I have way too much fun now. I get into new worlds, create new characters, and have amazing adventures…  I’m tired of being an adult. It’s over rated. If you need me, I’ll be in my pillow fort coloring.

pillow fort