That’s right – I’ll be on the news!!! I am so excited.

539319_524316400927190_1251223698_nNo, I’m not being interviewed, that would be amazing, but this a great start. The show that I am doing next week is called the San Antonio Independent Book Festival and the person in charge is being interviewed on KENS5’s Great Day SA between 9-10am on Monday, July 11th. She will be promoting the show and the authors who will be there.

I, and about 10-15 other attending authors will be eye-candy – standing in the back, wearing the show’s T-shirts and holding our books. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

Please be praying that while I am there, I get an opportunity to make a few connections, hand out some information about Hamilton Troll and maybe work on the possibility for a future interview.

I am looking forward to then!

WATCH: Good Day SA
WHEN:  Monday, July 11
TIME:  9am-10am central

Don’t forget to come out and see me and a bunch of other authors at Say Si next Saturday, July 16th. Learn more on my calendar.