In the coming weeks I’m going to be discussing author websites. There are many questions regarding whether you need one, what you should have on them and how to market them. This first question is about their necessity.

Q. Is it necessary for an author or writer to have a web site? Why?

A. If you’ve already have made a name for yourself, i.e. you are a national TV host, famous actor/actress or musician, or are already a bestselling author that has become a household name, then no, you do not need a website. But if only your family, work associates and church members know you, then yes, yes definitely, you need a website.

You NEED to have a way to educate the world about you and your product. You need to find every way possible to get exposure for that book. Because the TV host and musician already have millions of fans listening to them. They already have a platform to say, “Oh hey, by the way, buy my book.” You don’t.

When it comes to marketing, the more the merrier. Say someone sees your book at a friends house. They start reading the story or are intrigued with the blurb, what are they going to do? Search for you – or the book. When they do that search, hopefully, they’ll find a link to Amazon first. But if the first or second search result is an official site of the author… that is totally going to get clicked on. Why? Curiosity.

81% of American’s feel they have a story in them that they want to write. With the possibility of 300,000 books coming out EACH YEAR, you need to be more than a blurb on Amazon, you need to be a sales force worth reckoning! Your website needs to state “I am an author you are going to want to keep up with.” “I write about the things that interest you.” “My stories are going to do amazing things to you.” and “This is what I have out there now and what I’m working on.” – Don’t you want to keep up with my happenings? Sign up now.

Yes, you need a website. You need to become the musician or TV personality without the millions of dollars worth of advertising money. The world tours. The TV commercials and airtime. The national exposure. The Hollywood big-wigs pushing you in a smoky room while sipping Brandy. You need to be bold and you need whatever exposure you can get.

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