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Hamilton Troll Cookbook

Hamilton Troll Cookbook Award Winning Author Kathleen J Shields educational books

Hamilton Troll Cookbook A Timeless Treasure – Fun for the Whole Family When we started this endeavor, I thought to myself; “I don’t cook, how is this going to work?” but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Carol W. Bryant made the process easy, was incredibly helpful in teaching me every step of the […]

DEAR Texas Radio Interview Part 8

Interviewed by DEAR TEXAS Radio: Author Kathleen J. Shields tells all! My radio interview from Wimberley Radio 94.1 FM KWVH and their latest show DEAR Texas Radio asked about our upcoming Hamilton Troll Cookbook.   Interviewer: The Hamilton Troll Cookbook, you are creating recipes based on a troll that lives in the forest?   There […]