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Writing Prompts! – A Game

One of the goals for my blog is to provide inspiration for writers to follow their dreams, and one of the biggest problems writers face is writers block! That is why I am starting something new here, Writing Prompts!  –  A Game Every once in a while, in order to light the fire for creative […]

Writing Prompt! “Never once thinking this ...

What would you write to the phrase in purple below? Write a sentence or two in the comments field and see where it takes you. “Never once thinking this could happen…” I fell to my knees and sobbed in the middle of the neighbors yard. I didn’t care if anyone was looking. I had no […]

Writing Prompts! “In the morningR...

Hi there, lets have another fun writing prompt and see what results we get. “In the morning when the clock struck six…” I sat up from bed and stretched, knowing this was going to be the day I had been waiting for, for so long. My heart immediately quickened as I began contemplating how the […]


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