Do the Right Thing – Do it All the Time

The other day, driving down my street, I stopped at the stop sign and caught sight of a black bag sitting on the corner.  I knew that the school bus picked up there so I figured it was a lunch kit. I went to investigate, and found it was a $1000+ Nikon camera.  I knew who ever lost this would be beside themselves, but I had to get to a meeting. I grabbed it, so it wouldn’t get permanently lost, and decided as I drove I would create a FOUND sign to put on the mailboxes in hopes of finding the proper owner. That evening, after two meetings and choir practice I finally get back to my office and open the bag properly to investigate it. That’s when I was relieved to see their name printed on the inside in marker (they MUST have children) it’s so a mommy thing to do.  Thankful I had a name, I called my neighbor (who seems to know everyone) and lo and behold, she had a phone number for them.

She was so relieved.

“Who does that?” She asks after receiving my message.  “It must have fallen off my motorcycle.”

It made me proud to do the right thing. How many people would be able to do that? Honestly? This was a nice camera. 42x zoom, all the bells and whistles, cables, SD cards… I could have kept it, many people would have. I could have sold it on ebay… but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I can’t imagine loosing something like that. It would be like me loosing my laptop – my livelihood! My books, my graphics, my websites… I’d be so sick to my stomach. I couldn’t afford to replace it and I would PRAY that someone would return it, if it were ever found. But I’ve been robbed (two home break-ins – in Houston). I’ve had things stolen from me at shows. My husband has had tools stolen right off his truck. I definitely have the stigma of not wanting to trust people… but if everyone did the right thing, all the time, our world would be a much better place.

I wanted to share a song with you. Maybe if you get this catchy tune stuck in your head it will help – it helps me – all the time!

Ages & Ages – Divisionary (Do the Right Thing) Lyrics

Do the right thing, do the right thing
do it all the time, do it all the time
make yourself right, never mind them
don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering

I see you up again wandering so diligent
crossing your t’s as though it weren’t irrelevant
they say formality, this is what they really meant:
they can be the walk and we can be the pavement

Do the right thing, do the right thing
do it all the time, do it all the time
make yourself right, never mind them
don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering

So what you’re up against all the disingenuous
They wave you along and say there’s always room for us
But we know better than that to take’em serious.
Still don’t let’em make you bitter in the process

And when the light is up, this is how oughta be
We’ll make it alright, they’ll come around eventually
They say it’s nothing but, that ain’t the reality
They may take us on but they can never take us easy

Cuz they ain’t moving, they’re just moving around
So if you love yourself, you better get out, get out now

Play it again – you know you want to! 🙂


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