2-3Who is Hamilton Troll? Hamilton Troll is the most adorable little guy you’ll ever meet.

By the stump of a tree, inside a big hole,
there lives a nice guy, named Hamilton Troll.

A very short chap, with a cheery smile,
whose face can be seen as far as a mile.

His head is the shape of an upside-down pear,
and it’s topped with a mop of tangled red hair.

He wears a flat hat with a patch on the rim,
so everyone he knows will be sure to find him.

His eyes are like chocolate, big, brown and fat.
His pants are all faded on the place that he sat.

Wearing neck tie and vest, he tries to look good.
He was taught by his mother, that he always should.


8-9Who are Hamilton Troll’s friends? Anyone he meets becomes a friend because he is so nice.

His heart is as big as a giant brick house,
even though Hamilton’s as small as a mouse.

He walks through the woods helping all of the bugs,
gather food, nuts and grain and giving out hugs.

Everyone loves to hear Hamilton giggle,
he starts out quite bold and his belly does jiggle.

In the forest his name rings out like a bell,
with songs of the troll with stories to tell.

Hamilton’s a troll all filled with glee,
he’s as fun as a cricket, all his friends agree.


Who is the writer behind the Hamilton Troll stories? The author is Kathleen J. Shields and you can learn more about her on her blog here…

Kathleen J. Shields

Kathleen J. Shields – Author

Kathleen J. Shields is a very creative, highly imaginative and extremely dedicated, hard working individual. She is writing, publishing and marketing the Hamilton Troll Adventures – fully-illustrated rhyming children’s stories, spends her free time writing many more children’s chapter books, adult stories and inspirational Christian stories all while running her own graphics and website design company during the business day. Her motto is “Do what you love.” and since she loves to do so much, and intends to do so much more, expect a lot out of Kathleen in the future.



Who are the illustrators behind Hamilton Troll? Leigh A. Klug and Carol W. Bryant.

LeighLeigh A. Klug: From the time she could hold a crayon, Leigh loved to draw. Having always been interested in cartoons and especially fantasy creatures, fairies, sprites and even trolls, Leigh knew her dream was to eventually go into that field. Leigh attended Sam Houston State University and went on to receive her Associates Degree from the Art Institute of Houston where she trained in Illustration and Computer Animation.


carol bryantCarol W. Bryant: From an early age, Carol Walker Bryant knew art was a part of her soul. Winning her first art contest at the age of six, Bryant followed her dream and has continued to fan the flames for her passion and pursuit of art! Receiving her degree in commercial art in 1991, and minoring in Fine Art, Carol has since been painting, sculpting and creating unique and diverse styles of art. From oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, collage, encaustic, Ink & Gouache, Clay in addition to photography, Bryant has successfully triumphed over each medium winning critical acclaim and awards locally as well as in regional competitions.


What are some of the plans for the Hamilton Troll series? More stories! Coloring and Activity Books! Cook Books! A ‘Visits’ series! Dreams of cartoons on TV! A goal of a full-length movie about the ‘Visits’ series. Toys, plush animals, board games, night lights… the list goes on!

three of usYes, there are a lot of plans for this series and this character and we are only in the beginning stages of Hamilton’s development. Right now Hamilton is meeting new characters, making new friends and learning new lessons, but in the future, Hamilton is going to take this knowledge and run with it as he travels around the world learning about new animals, characters, countries and cultures! Of course we are many years down the road from that series, our hope is that you, your young ones, and future generations will take that journey with them.

TEACHERS: Printable Classroom Curriculum!

NEW* We’ve made classroom curriculum for the series. Printable worksheets, activities even reading quizzes for each one of the books. Take a look at our on-going curriculum here… and tell a teacher! This makes their jobs easier while promoting education and literacy through our stories.

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Take a look around. Read Kathleen’s Blog to learn more about writing, illustrating and publishing. Check back here to find out updates regarding the books. Take a look at Hamilton’s Thought Blog for fun and entertaining ideas directly from Hamilton Troll (for the kids) and then don’t forget to check the official Hamilton Troll website for additional content, stories, games, coloring pages and more at www.HamiltonTroll.com

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